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Artificial Grass Warranty and Refund Policy

Artificial Grass Warranty and Refund Policy


Artificial Grass Warranty and Refund Policy   


Return and Refund Policy

Buyers orders are 100% refundable, if order is cancelled prior to shipment and prior to cutting if buyer buys a custom sized turf. Custom sized turf is anything less than 1500 square feet that had to be cut to buyers specs. Once the order leaves our warehouse, the order and the turf are non-refundable and are buyers responsibility. Under special circumstances however, whole rolls (uncut and 100 feet rolls) and accessories that are not used and/or damaged may be returned for a refund. Buyer will be responsible for return shipping arrangement and shipping cost plus a restocking fee of 25%.  


Shipping Policy 

Shipping cost is typically a small percentage of the sales cost. You may contact us to obtain your shipping quote prior to your purchase OR you may purchase your turf/accessories now and we will contact you with your shipping cost prior to processing of the order. We will work diligently to give you the best and lowest price for shipping. If you the shipping rate is not to your satisfaction, then you may cancel your purchase for a 100% refund anytime prior to shipment. Your order will not be processed till you have approved the shipping cost. 



Artificial Grass Masters (AGM) warrants our synthetic turf for ten (10) years from the date of synthetic turf    installation, when it is installed and maintained as recommended by the turf manufacturer. If any area or portion of  the turf substantially changes, as distinguished from a change in texture within ten years after its initial installation, AGM will have all such areas or portions replaced, excluding installation costs. AGM also warrants that at the time of the initial turf installation, the synthetic turf will be free of manufacturing defects. Slight color changes will occur  over the lifetime of this turf and are not considered an issue or basis for a claim. All labor costs involved with the  removal of the affected turf and reinstallation of the replacement will be the responsibility of the purchaser not the installation  company nor is it the responsability of the manufacture.   


Subject to the following limitations:

  General provisions of this limited warranty apply to the wear of the turf with regard to ultraviolet degradation, and do not apply to damage incurred during installation, improper underlay, pile crushing, willful or negligent abuses,  or damage by machinery or equipment, nor does it apply when the turf is not installed by a professional installer.  The expressed limited warranty excludes all implied warranties, and said manufacturer shall in no event be liable  for a breach of warranty in any amount exceeding the invoice price of the turf.     


Limitations on Coverage: 


This warranty does not cover: 

  1. Damage from accidents, vandalism, abuse and neglect. 

  2. Acts of God (including earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters).  

  3. Use of chemicals and improper cleaning methods. 

  4. Failure to properly maintain, protect and/or repair the turf. 

  5. Damage that occurs during the shipping/transportation process. All shipping claims must be filed against the 

  freight company in question.  

  6. Damage caused by reflection (melting) or other flammable materials. 

  7. Synthetic turf is subject to normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear is not a manufacturing defect and 

  therefore is not covered by this warranty. 


Limitations on Liability: 

  Purchaser must promptly inspect all products upon delivery. Anything herein to the contrary notwithstanding, to   the extent that any defects, shortages, or non-conformities in the products are discoverable by inspection upon  delivery of the products, all obligations of AGM to purchaser with respect to such defects, shortages, and nonconformities  shall be deemed satisfied, and all products shall be deemed to be free of such defects, shortages, and non-conformities, unless Purchaser notifies AGM of such defects, shortages, or non-conformities in writing  within 30 days after the date of delivery.  



Purchaser may not transfer, convey, or otherwise assign all or any of its rights under this warranty without prior   written consent of AGM. Any such transfer or assignment without prior written consent shall be null and void and of  no force or effect.  



It is the condition of this Contract that if the Contractor upon receipt of written notice that is according with the Contract of a defect in the Work, shall promptly perform its obligations under the Correction of Work provisions of the Contract, a defect may be discovered during the one year Correction of Work period and shall commence on the Date of Substantial Completion, or on Date of Final Completion as mutually agreed by the Owner and Contractor, and the obligations shall remain in full effect. 

If the Contractor does not fulfill its obligation as set forth above, the Contractor will reimburse The Owner the cost to correct such defect. The Contractor's 2 Year Standard Limited Labor Workmanship Warranty does not cover burnt synthetic products due to window reflection or existing sprinkler systems and pipes. 


The Standard Limited Labor Workmanship Warranty applies and is limited as follows: 

1. To the property only as long as it remains in the possession of the original owner named on the contract. 

2. To the construction work that has been subject to accident, misuse, or abuse. 

3. To the construction work that has not been modified, altered, defaced, or had repairs made or attempted by others. 

4. That contractor be immediately notified in writing within ten (10) days of first knowledge of defect by the owner. 

5. That contractor shall be given first opportunity to make any repairs, replacements, or corrections to the defective construction at no cost to owner within a reasonable period of time. 

6. Under no circumstances shall the contractor be liable by virtue of this warranty or otherwise for damage to any person or property whatsoever for any special, indirect, secondary or consequential damages of any nature however arising out of the use or inability to use because of the construction effect. 


Claims Procedure:  

  Claims must be signed and submitted in writing and delivered to:  


Artificial Grass Masters 

  12417 W Pima St 

  Avondale, AZ. 85323 


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