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Artificial Grass Solutions  

Artificial Grass Masters Has plently of solutions. We have over 100 artifical grasses to choose from. We offer putting greens, pet turf, Our new stay cool technology, engineered grasses and so much more! Please contact us to find out more so we could help you find the best Artificial Grass Solutions.


Artificial Grass Solutions

Wholesale Grass Prices   

Now offering wholesale prices to the public. We have created a whole line of quality products to offer out customers at wholesale prices.

"Don't settle for cheap grass when you could pay the same price for a quality product."

Wholesale Artificial Grass
***Contractor pricing available for artificial grass phoenix, please contact us directly so that we could get you a contractor pricing sheet.


Artificial Grass Masters - Artificial Grass Installation 

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Artificial Grass Installation  

We have professional installers that are fast, precise and install with a sense of ownership to ensure the highest quality of Artificial Grass Installation in Phoenix, AZ..

Artificial Grass Installation

Do-It-Yourself Kits

Artificial Grass Do-It-Yourself Kits are the best way to gather all the necessarry supplies for the do-it-yourselfer to install a quality product for a fraction of the price. We will help you determine the correct materials neccessary to complete your do-it-yourself artificial grass project in Phoenix, AZ..

Benefits Of Artificial Grass  

There are plently of beneft of artificial grass phoenix. Our slogan says it best "No Water...No Work...Just Grass!"

Artificial Grass Benefits