Sonoran Oasis Pro

Best Pro Artificial Grass For Arizona

Designed for the harsh desert climate, this grass is remarkably durable and cool. Unique blade design and upgraded materials keep surface temperature to a minimum by deflecting sun rays and increasing airflow. With increased irrigation holes, any debris or moisture quickly get wicked away making it ideal for the Arizona monsoon season. Built to resemble Arizona’s native grasses, Sonoran Oasis Pro can be the difference between having an outdoor oasis or just another part of the desert.


Face Weight

Pile Height

Yarn Color

Thatch Color

90 oz

2 in



Learn To Love The Heat

Learn to love the heat now that you don’t have to fight it anymore. Sonoran Oasis Pro lets you enjoy your yard no matter the time of year. With upgraded materials you are no longer victim to the suns harmful rays, use your yard the way you always wanted to without having to compromise on the time of day. Enjoy the benefits of no more watering or yardwork to maintain your lawn. You live here for a reason, let Sonoran Oasis Pro remind you of the beauty that Arizona has to offer without becoming a victim of it.¬†


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