Plants & Artificial Grass

Artificial grass and plants go hand in hand when it comes to landscaping. When plants are incorporated into any type of new landscaping project many benefits follow. Plants are the center piece that can really bring together a landscaping project. Planning out which plants you would like before hand is a simple step towards achieving a great looking yard. Also, plants can help out with the irrigation of a lawn to preserve proper drainage whether they are trees or shrubs. Furthermore, plants create shade for the lawn and can be a major factor in preserving the integrity of your lawn.

Our Plants

Prices starting at $65 each for 5 gallon bucket with installation

flowering red bottlebrush bush, Callistemon, natural floral background

Arizona Yellow Bells

Blue Ruellia

Bottle Brush

boxwood beauty
cape honeysuckle

Star Jasmine

Boxwood Beauty

Cape Honeysuckel

firecracker bush
cats claw vine

Firecracker Brush

Cats Claw Vine

Deer Grass

red yucca

Red Lantana

Torch Glow Bougainvilla

Red Yucca

little john bottle brush
mexican bird of paradise

Pygmy Palm

Little John Bottle Brush

Mexican Bird Of Paradise 

mexican honeysuckle
red bird of paradise

Mexican Honeysuckel

Texas Sage

Red Birds Of Paradise


Golden Lantana

Lajolla Bougainvilla

Yellow Rose Vine