Artificial Grass Care

Maintain Your Investment?

One of the main reasons for artificial grass to fail is neglect. To keep your investment going healthy and strong for years to come. There are some simple and easy care techniques to ensure your artificial grass is properly taken care of.

Protected from the Sun?
Window reflect on your artificial grass can leave you unhappy!
Got Fur Babies?
Neglect can leave with more than just an unpleasant smell.
Does Your Grass Still Look Like This?
Proper grass care can extend the life expectancy of your artificial grass

Stains & Blemishes

With stains and blemishes. Time is of the essence. It is much easier to clean up a fresh spill than to let it “set in.” For solid or paste-like deposits. A plastic knife or spatula can be used, then a plastic rake to clean up debris afterward. Liquids can be blotted up with a paper towel or clean cloth. Keep in mind while some cleaning agents may be safe for top blades, the same cleaning agent may damage components underneath.

Oil Stains

Stains like these require the use of commercial carpet cleaner. Please discuss with Artificial Grass Masters for further details.

Artificial Grass Care For Pets

One of the most asked questions we get for pets and artificial grass is how to properly treat their grass. We recommend using one of these approved treatments to dissipate smell and maintain color and structure.

Approved Treatments

  • Simple Green
  • Water & Vinegar
  • Dawn
  • Steam



Clean debris with a plastic rake or leaf blower.

Clean debris with a metal rake or vacuum.

For pets, use a hose to wash the area, finish with Simple Green.

Let "set in" or use harsh chemicals to clean area.

Let children and pets play on artificial grass.

Pick at fibers, tear up seams or take out nails.

BBQ and store items away from artificial grass.

BBQ and store items on top of artificial grass.