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Should Your Investment Have A Warranty?

When it comes to artificial grass, your yard is not only your escape but an investment as well. As with any investment you should protect it and Artificial Grass Masters has your back. Did you know that 5-7% of all artificial grass will fail? Sadly,

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Choosing Your Ultimate Pergola

Pergolas are one home addition that can take your house to a whole new level as well as add functionality wherever you place them. Pergolas are elegant structures that fit perfectly in yards, patios and more. Not only do they raise the value of your

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Arizona Winter Problems

Unlike most states where winter comes you have to deal with yellow snow, here in Arizona we deal with yellow grass. Its inevitable around this time of year. The yard you’ve been working so hard to keep beautiful all year finally surcoms to the winter

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Sunlight, Friend Or Foe?

When it comes to sunlight and your yard it is hard to tell whether it is friend or foe. We all know that sunlight is beneficial a yard but there are times, especially this time of year, when it can reek havoc on your investment.

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Artificial Grass

Thankful For Artificial Grass

With Thanksgiving around the corner and beautiful temps finally here, its the perfect time for outdoor fun with family. There is no better time to get ready for the holidays than with artificial grass. Fall is the time when Arizona comes alive with perfect temps

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