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Pavers & Artificial Grass

The relationship between artificial grass and pavers is quite unique. Without each other both aren’t at their full potential. Artificial grass and pavers are both landscape products and when used correctly, bring out the best in each other. For example, artificial grass is perfect for

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Artificial Grass Care!

Caring for your artificial grass is a crucial step in maintaining your investing. Luckily, there is pretty much only one golden rule for caring for your artificial grass. Brush, brush, brush! As funny as it sounds, Brushing the bristles of your artificial grass will keep

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The Difference Sun Screens Can Make

When you think of artificial grass, you don’t typically think of sun screens. However, artificial grass and sunscreens go hand in hand. Whenever artificial grass is installed on your property, it is always advised that you look into sun screens to not only increase energy

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