Tips For Decorating Your Halloween Lawn

Your artificial grass lawn sets the stage…literally.
It always looks its best lush, uniformly green and smooth. It’s just waiting to host your seasonal décor. That means transforming your yard into a Halloween scene needn’t start with tedious, dirty clean-up. Nope, you can get right to the fun part.

Make it scary
Surround your skeleton with some fake body parts.
Festoon your porch and yard with creepy cobwebs.
Create a witch’s cauldron, complete with dry ice for effect.

Play recordings of eerie sounds, cackling witches, and moaning ghosts. Or use even scarier motion-activated recordings.
Rent a fog machine for mysterious atmosphere.

Make it whimsical

A fun DIY project would be to make giant candy bars. The biggest treat of the year! Make huge versions of them to arrange on your front lawn. Perhaps in a gigantic bowl?

Lawn bags filled with leaves (or wadded-up paper). Put a big rock in the bottom first to keep the bags in place.

Lights are a must
Strings of white, orange, green, and black twinkling lights to dress up your front door. You can find virtually any kind of little Halloween themed lanterns from skulls to bats.

Show it off!

Now its time to post a picture of your Halloween decorated home and tag Artificial Grass Masters! You’ll be entered into our decorating contest to win gift cards and more! Also use #artificialgrassmasters . Ready…Set…Go!

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