How Long Will My Artificial Grass Last?

It’s a question that many of us have when starting our artificial grass hunt. How long does artificial grass last? When making a big investment, especially when it’s on your yard. You would like to know how long it will last to get the most out of your purchase. Luckily, artificial grass has came a long way and the life expectancy is anywhere between 10 and 15 years. These numbers differ depending on varying climate and type of artificial turf. If you have performance blade grass then you can expect to get the longest life out of your grass.

Performance blade Artificial Grass is made out of premium materials and designed to increase airflow to resist from fading. One of the main causes of artificial grass breakdown is heat exposure. Heat likes to deform the blades and create a problem areas that can start fading or even melting. The best way to ensure your grass has the longest life is to place it in some adequate shade or even add shade to help it out. However, if all else fails Artificial Grass Masters recommends to use a garden hose and water it down to keep it lively and cool.

Another factor that affects artificial grass is traffic. Whether it be traffic from a backyard BBQ or a furry friend, these all play a role in how long your grass may last. Luckily, Artificial grass masters carries heavy duty turf for both! For heavy traffic areas we recommend our Zacate Verde Line. With a 85 oz. weight, it is the best artificial grass to hold up against heavy traffic and harsh conditions. For people with large fur babies we recommend our Pet Pro line. Pet Pro is specifically designed to handle everything your pets can throw, run, jump and even roll at it. Just like the rest of Artificial grass Masters turf, Pet pro is a performance blade grass so you can expect to have one of the longest lasting artificial turf on the market.

Lastly, if having one of the best rated artificial grass on the market isn’t enough. Artificial Grass Masters has the industries leading 15 year warranty program. A program that protects your investment from no fade and no fall apart for a whole 15 years. With our warranty you’ll be able to have your grass covered for practically its entire life.

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