Do I have to Worry About Flooding When It Rains?

It is a common question that people have when Artificial Grass hunting. Will installing artificial grass make my yard more susceptible to flooding? Thankfully the answer is no! Many advances in the artificial grass industry have made synthetic turf very versatile for landscaping. Unlike AstroTurf in the past, modern artificial grass has increased drainage holes that drain at a rate of 30 gallons an hour. Unless you have a furry friend or a monsoon season that drops more than 30 gallons an hour you have nothing to worry about.

If heavy rains or heavy pet traffic is a concern of yours. Artificial Grass Masters carries products specifically to handle Arizona’s harsh monsoon season and the heaviest of pets. For homeowners concerned about heavy rains. We recommend our Sonoran Oasis line. Both Sonoran Oasis and Sonoran Oasis Pro have been designed to be the best grass for Arizona’s climate. Whether its the 100+ heat or a heavy monsoon storm, Sonoran oasis can handle it. For homeowners with many or big furry friends, you will be pleased to know that we a synthetic turf specifically for Pets called Pet Pro. Pet Pro has more drainage holes per square inch to help aid in spot areas. Also, Pet Pro is a 78 OZ face weight product. This means that is capable of handling heavy traffic. When it comes to getting wet, artificial grass can do more than handle it.

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