What Is The Best Artificial Grass To Play Sports On?

Modern day Artificial Grass has made leaps and bounds when it comes to performance. And thanks to that, now you can actually leap and bound on it! Depending on what you are looking for out of your artificial grass. You may ask yourself, “What is the best artificial grass to play sports on?” When it comes to performance sports, turf capable of handling high impact and traffic needs a thick face weight. A face weight of 75 OZ or more is preferred to safely perform activities without worry. A heavy face weight is more than capable of rebounding from hard hits all while keeping players safe. It is also important for outdoor sports to consider surface temperatures in extreme heat or cold. New revolutionary technology gives sports turf a unique blade which increases airflow and reduces surface temps while also remaining incredibly soft to the touch. Artificial Grass truly has came a long way from Astroturf in the past and is now revolutionizing the way we play sports in the future.

Artificial Grass Masters has you and your team covered for the best sports turf on the market. American Dream and Legacy Pro are our best sport turf the industry has to offer. Each with a face weight of 75 OZ and higher, they are more than capable of enhancing performance and securing safety for players. With upgraded materials each turf deflects hot UV rays to keep you cool and focused on the game. When you need a grass that lets your opponent know you mean business, call Artificial Grass Masters to get your game on with a turf that lets your skills become limitless. Don’t let other grass that cannot cut it hold you back from getting an edge on your game. Artificial Grass Masters, No Water, No Work, Just Grass!

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