Do We Have Artificial Grass That Doesn’t Get Hot?

It’s a question that everyone in the industry has heard. “Do you have any artificial grass that doesn’t get hot?” While there are many variables to artificial grass temperature, the short answer is yes! When picking out artificial grass that doesn’t get hot it is important to keep a couple things in mind. First off, it is important to know whether you are getting Performance Blade grass or Flat Blade Grass. The difference between the two is the that Performance Blade grass has reinforced ribs on each blade of grass that helps it stand straight up and increase airflow. This is what makes surface temps on average 15 degrees cooler that Flat Blade Grass which feels much like confetti. Furthermore, another factor in synthetic turf temperature is the type of infill you have. Depending on whether you use a silicate infill or plastic infill can drastically change your grass’s temperature. Being that turf is almost 100% plastic it will absorb heat just as any other material in your yard. Thankfully, there are many options to choose from when it comes to infill. Many of which that dissipate heat rather that hold onto it like crumb rubber infill. Lastly, here’s a little tip for people with existing artificial grass. If there is ever a time that surface temperatures are not to your liking. You can get a watering hose and spray it down to cool it off. Depending on the outside temperature this can keep your grass cool for hours! It is important to know especially here in Arizona where it can get to 120 degrees that any material outside will get hot. However, you can be rest assured that when you get artificial grass from Artificial Grass Masters you are getting the best performance blade grass the industry has to offer with the best safety rating.

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