Which Artificial Grass Is Best For New Homeowners?

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For new homeowners, the landscaping world can be quite intimidating. When it comes time to select artificial grass, the many different options to select from can leave you with more questions than answers. Artificial Grass Masters makes this step easy for you. New homeowners when choosing an artificial grass typically like to look out for two things from their purchase. “Does this turf match my home and make it look better?” “And, Will I still be able to use my yard the way I normally would?” Thankfully, artificial grass can be everything you needed and more!

Anytime you are picking out artificial grass it is important to know what kind of look you are going for. Sonoran Oasis & Sonoran Oasis Pro is a great artificial grass for new homeowners because its high quality, rugged and built to match the Arizona landscape. The Sonoran Oasis line lets you have that new beautiful yard to match your house without compromise. Enjoy the benefits of your new home as well as the benefits of a low maintenance yard without all the hassle.

Furthermore, this turf is designed for harsh desert climate. It is remarkably durable and cool because of a unique blade design and upgraded materials. This will keep surface temperatures to a minimum by deflecting sun rays and increasing airflow. With increased irrigation holes, any debris or moisture quickly get wicked away making it ideal for the Arizona monsoon season. Also, a nice lofty 65 Oz pile height will give this turf extra protecting from high traffic on those BBQ days. Its easy to say that would be able to continue to use your yard as you normally would, if not more!

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