How Will My Artificial Grass Handle The Heat?

It is an age old question, especially here in Arizona. How will my artificial grasss handle Arizona’s harsh climate? The answer is yes! The secrect is in the perfmance, Performance Blade Grass that is! Unlik traditional artificial grass like flat blade. The ribbons are fationed in a way that creates no airflow throught the turf. The result is a much hotter artificial grass. Performace blade grass does not have his problem due to its special engineered structure that makes it stand up straighter and lokk more like reguar grass. Because the blades of articial grass can stand up straight, airflow is increased making artificial grass much more resistant and enjoable in the heat.

Arizona has a harsh climate, it gets very hot during the day and very cold at night. Artificial grass had to be renovated to meet the extreme demands of the climate. Because of this, the Sonoran Oasis line was created. It is a much hardier grass that was made for Arizona and looks just like Arizona’s natural grass too. With the Sonoran Oasis line you can truly have it all. Instantly raise the value of your house all while enjoying a hassle free yard. Take control of your yard with one of the best looking and feeling grasses on the market which are all HOA approved. Experience the benefits of no more watering, weed pulling, bugs and no more mower storage. Artificial Grass Masters grass is designed to let you have the dream yard you always wanted, have it all with Sonoran Oasis and enjoy your outdoor oasis.

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