Do I Need Infill For My Artificial Grass?

Some people may ask, “what is infill and why do I need it?” Infill is much more important to artificial grass than you think. Infill is material that comes in many different shapes and sizes. Infill has multiple options to choose from. However, they all perform the same duty, weigh the artificial grass down. This step is important because it keeps the artificial grass in place. If heavy wind or rain were to occur, there is a chance that the foundation may shift. A shift in the foundation for your artificial grass may cause wrinkles. Thus, having to tear out your grass and reinstall it out of pocket.

Another reason as to why artificial grass needs infill is temperature change. As we all know, extreme temperature change like we experience here in the valley, will sometimes cause materials to expand and contract. This happens to artificial grass as well. When artificial grass is first cut and installed. It is typically installed in the day time where there is light and heat. With the grass being cut to that size and that temperature everything will fine. However, at night when the temperature begins to cool, the cold temperature will cause the grass to shrink a little a and expose wrinkles as well.

After that being said, if you want your grass to look great and last longer. Then adding infill to your artificial grass is a necessity!

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