What’s the Difference Between Flat Blade & Performance Blade Grass?

It’s a question for the experts, however the main difference between these type of artificial grass is simple, quality. Flat blade grass and Performance blade grass are both artificial turf. The factor separating these turf is build type. When creating artificial grass, the process for performance blade grass is much more defined. Performance blade grass is more meticulous in the process of how the blades are made and binded. Flat blade grass is just that, flat. No extra care or technology goes into this type of artificial grass. It is made to just resemble natural grass. Not battle the harsh climate of Arizona or withstand high traffic. Performance blade grass is designed with these factors in mind. Performance blade grass also is also designed with reinforced support to made it stand straighter and more durable. This is what makes performance blade grass higher quality than flat blade grass and why Artificial Grass Masters only uses performance blade in their inventory. This type of artificial will last for years and deliver the results you are looking for to keep you happy with your yard for years to come. With Artificial Grass masters it truly is No Water…No Work…Just Grass!

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