The Difference Sun Screens Can Make

When you think of artificial grass, you don’t typically think of sun screens. However, artificial grass and sunscreens go hand in hand. Whenever artificial grass is installed on your property, it is always advised that you look into sun screens to not only increase energy efficiency, but also protect your investment. As hard as it is to imagine, artificial grass can melt under extreame conditions and that’s exactly what they are put through here in Arizona. Sun refection is the ultimate killer of artificial grass and with the energy efficient windows here in the valley, the magnification gets enhanced. on a hot summer day, your lawn could literally be toast.

All jokes aside protecting your investment is no laughing matter. Sun screens area great way to ensure your grass is safe from the sun as well as add protection to your windows and house. An effective sunscreen can keep the surface of window cool to the touch and the wallet. When it comes time to beat the heat don’t be left sweating the small stuff that could’ve saved you your time and money.

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