Artificial Grass Care!

Caring for your artificial grass is a crucial step in maintaining your investing. Luckily, there is pretty much only one golden rule for caring for your artificial grass. Brush, brush, brush! As funny as it sounds, Brushing the bristles of your artificial grass will keep them lively for years to come. This is why Artificial Grass Masters recommends that you power broom service your yard at least once annually. A Power Broom Service professionally cleans your artificial grass and redistributes infill and removes surface debris to maintain maximum quality. Our power broom service will cause the fibers to stand in a vertical position and pull internal thatch fibers upwards which allows the artificial grass to have a plush natural appearance. An effective power broom service can extend the life of your artificial grass and leave it looking lush and fresh for years to come! we recommend that you use a stiff broom with synthetic bristles or, ideally a specialist artificial grass rake for smaller areas. However, for larger areas a power broom service would work best.

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