What Different Types Of Artificial Grass Can Do

In the word of artificial grass, all turf may look alike but they all can do different things. Depending on the yard and the owner, artificial grass needs to perform a specific duty in ones lawn. For example, owners with pets demand a grass that can handle high traffic and usage so Pet Pro was created with thicker blades and improved drainage holes. That is just one example. Artificial grass can do everything under the sun, even fight it! Our Sonoran Oasis line is deigned to be cooler than most turf and handle harsh climates while blending in perfectly to Arizona’s natural landscape and rock. Furthermore, is artificial grass’s most recognizable form, Putting Green. This type of turf is deigned to give you a true roll on your golf game. Soft and comfortable to the touch, Putting Greens are designed to resemble the look and feel of the golf course. All turf may be green, but they all do their won thing.

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