Artificial Grass Can Give You A Tax Rebate?

Did you know that in Arizona, there are some cities that give you a tax rebate for installing artificial grass? It’s true, in efforts to conserve Arizona’s ever dwindling water supply, cities all over the state have given incentive to its residents to make the switch. To help in Arizona’s effort, generous tax breaks are given to individuals who switch to a more water efficient yard. Switching to artificial grass is a great move to help lower your overall maintenance on your yard as well as water consumption. A regular size patch of yard can potentially save you 1,100,000 gallons of water over the lifetime of your grass. That is why cities like Scottsdale give residents up to $1,500 on their taxes and up to $3,000 for commercial businesses. Its not just Scottsdale however. The city of Peoria gives you up to $550, Tempe up to $500, Mesa $50 – $225 and Glendale up to $750. At these rates, making the switch can pay close to half of your total install. Only in Arizona can it pay to have the yard of your dreams!

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