Benefits of Curbing

So you’ve decided to install artificial grass, but how do you keep it clean? Most lawns can be easily cleaned with a spray and sweep. However, how do you keep debris and weeds from creeping in to your new lawn?

Curbing is a cement layer that surrounds the grass. It’s installed using a shaper so that it fits a symmetric design.

Curbing is a great way to add aesthetic to your new lawn. It adds shape and contains your grass in a way that’s pleasing to the eye. The great thing about artificial grass is you can cut the fabric into any shape. This adds many possibilities to design and form your lawn to your preference.

Curbing is also a great protector for your grass. Debris and rocks can easily be carried into your lawn by pets and wind. Curbing adds a protective layer to your border. Synthetic plastic can easily pick up rocks and dirt. Curbing will help your yard stay green by protecting it.

Curbing also protects against weeds. Weeds can grow and spread into your lawn. The cement prevents weeds from growing into your lawn. Since artificial grass is basically a carpet, you don’t want weeds to grow underneath your lawn and cause bulges. Curbing will keep your landscape looking nice and shapely.

Artificial Grass Masters offers curbing in a variety of styles and colors to fit the look you want. If you’re not sure exactly how you want your yard to look, our talented designers can help you find a layout that will make your yard stand out. Our team of expert landscapers can install new curbing in just one day. Make your appointment today to see our showroom full of beautiful curbing styles.

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