Accepting Projects 300sqft or less! Rated 5 stars
Accepting Projects 300sqft or less!
Rated 5 stars
Artificial Grass Masters is a five star rated veteran owned company. So you can trust you are in the right hands with Artificial Grass Masters.
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Why Artificial Grass?

A healthy, lush lawn is an essential element of your yard. It’s more than just a backdrop for your barbecues; it’s where your kids play and where family memories are made. But nothing puts the brakes on a celebration or a relaxing afternoon outdoors than unsightly spots or uneven growth.

The biggest issue about keeping real grass is the maintenance.  It takes to keep it green and healthy. Some people are unwilling, physically are unable to, or simply cannot afford the time it takes over the course of a growing season. Plus, water costs will go up during grass season. If you are on city water, you may also be restricted by amount usages. So what can artificial grass do to resolve this issue?


What are the benefits of synthetic turf?

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Artificial Grass Masters provides beautiful synthetic lawn that is safe for your family and completely free of crumb rubber.
Parents are concerned about crumb rubber for a number of reasons. First, children are very vulnerable to toxic chemicals that can be transmitted through their thin skin via cuts and scrapes, inhaled during play and accidentally ingested.


Low Maintenance

Artificial Grass Masters knows how difficult it can be to upkeep grass. With an artificial lawn, no mower will ever be needed. Also there is no need to water your grass only to clean off any dirt if needed. Because of this, you will see the advantage of a reduction in your water bill.


Heat Controlled & Durability

Artificial Grass cares about how well your grass looks and also your experience with enjoying it over the hot summer.
It will also withstand wear and tear. The materials that are used in its manufacturing are made with withstand traffic, all kinds of climates, and weather changes. It won’t even lose its color because of ultraviolet ray exposure—the fibers are made stable against it.


Summer Breeze Pro

Putter's Choice



What Other Services Are Offered?

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Customize your backyard and get a resort style experience everyday with out professional paver installation.



Artificial Grass Masters offers you a variety of colors and styles of curbing to bring you more of a choice for your yard. Pick a color and style that will compliment your home and new  artificial grass.

Sun Screens

We specialize in efficiently installing your window sun screens in most cases we will finish the installation the same day we come out.

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Gravel & Bolder Installation

Customize your backyard and get a resort style experience everyday with out professional paver installation.

This service helps evenly distribute your infill so you new lawn will look and perform its best. Artificial Grass Masters will provide great maintenance so you can enjoy your lawn.

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Pergola Installations

Customize your backyard and get a resort style experience everyday with out professional paver installation.

Check Out Our Virtual Tour of the Showroom

At this time, due to COVID-19, we are currently not accepting any walk-ins until June 1st. Therefore, we would like to join us on our virtual tour of the showroom. Check out our video of the variety of landscaping products we have for you!



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