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Why Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass offers a lot of benefits to Arizona consumers because there is not a lot of maintenance required to upkeep artificial grass. Fertilizers, weed control products, pest control products, and daily watering of the yard has become a thing of the past. 

As an Arizona consumer, comparing artificial greenery and grass products, it is not only important to save time and money, but also water. Water conservation is important especially in Arizona. Reducing water use helps meet future needs which can result in cost savings, reduced energy use, and also preserve the environment. Because synthetic turf preserves the environment, artificial grass turns out to be “greener” than natural grass.

What Are The Benefits?

Children and Fun Backyard-Avondale


Artificial grass does not require weed killers, fertilizers, or any chemicals which makes it safe for children to enjoy and play on.

In addition, unlike a natural lawn it is not a burden to upkeep the grass. Therefore, it is nice to spend all of your extra time with friends, family, and pets

AGM_Artificial Grass front lawn

Heat Controlled

Don’t let the heat interfere you with enjoying your yard! Each of our products are designed with chill factor technology in order to withstand the Arizona heat. 

Our Performance blade grass help keep the temperature low in the hot Arizona summer months, retain moisture inside the fibers to maintain cool turf, reflects sun rays, and gives a realistic appearance. 

AGM_Artificial Grass travertine pavers


The benefits of synthetic turf outweigh the initial cost, especially when it comes to maintenance. Artificial grass does not require water, mowing, or any weed killing. 

The little maintenance it may require is leaf blowing and water is optional when tough debris will need to be cleared.


What Other Services Are Offered?



Customize your backyard and get a resort style experience everyday with out professional paver installation.

AGM_Artificial Grass gravel


Artificial Grass Masters offers you a variety of colors and styles of curbing to bring you more of a choice for your yard. Pick a color and style that will compliment your home and new  artificial grass.

Sun Screens

We specialize in efficiently installing your window sun screens in most cases we will finish the installation the same day we come out.


Gravel & Bolder Installation

Customize your backyard and get a resort style experience everyday with out professional paver installation.

This service helps evenly distribute your infill so you new lawn will look and perform its best. Artificial Grass Masters will provide great maintenance so you can enjoy your lawn.

pergola installation_artificial_grass_masters

Pergola Installations

Customize your backyard and get a resort style experience everyday with out professional paver installation.

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