Why Artificial Grass Masters?

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Artificial Grass Masters specializes in quality and care, making sure every customer is satisfied with their yard for more years to come! As an Arizona consumer, Artificial Grass Masters understand that versatility is a crucial factor to creating your dream yard. Therefore, we offer more than artificial turf to ensure you and your yard are taken care of.The other services we offer are pavers, rocks & gravel, irrigation, curbing and more! Not only do we offer other services, but also price match guarantee, extended warranty, and financing. Artificial Grass Masters is ranked 5 stars on Google, Home Advisors, Angie’s, and BBB. With over 500 reviews, there’s a reason why Artificial Grass Masters is the best solution in the synthetic turf industry.


What Are The Benefits of Synthetic Turf?



Artificial grass does not require weed killers, fertilizers, or any chemicals which makes it safe for children to enjoy and play on.

In addition, the biggest concern is crumb rubber negatively affecting children due to toxins. Our biggest priority is safety and there we provide natural infil to prevent inhalation, ingestion and dermal contact of harmful chemicals.


Heat Controlled

Don’t let the heat interfere you with enjoying your yard! Each of our products are designed with chill factor technology in order to withstand the Arizona heat. 

Our Performance blade grass help keep the temperature low in the hot Arizona summer months, retain moisture inside the fibers to maintain cool turf, reflects sun rays, and gives a realistic appearance. 

putting green 29-2


The benefits of synthetic turf outweigh the initial cost, especially when it comes to maintenance. Artificial grass does not require water, mowing, or any weed killing. 

The little maintenance it may require is leaf blowing and water is optional when tough debris will need to be cleared.

What Other Services Do We Offered?

big firepite with pavers

Customize your backyard with unrivaled beauty. Our ample supply of pavers will have your yard looking boring to beautiful!

Slant Curbing with tree

Artificial Grass Masters offers you a variety of colors and styles of curbing to bring you more of a choice for your yard. Pick a color and style that will compliment your home and new artificial grass

sunscreen 26

We specialize in efficiently installing your window sun screens in most cases we will finish the installation the same day we come out.

Pink Coral

Customize your backyard and get a desert feel with our huge variety of rocks and boulders

Irrigation artificial grass masters

An automatic irrigation system will save you plenty of time watering your lawns, gardens and flowers. Find a more efficient way to water your plants!

Brown Pergola

Convert your yard into a resort style backyard and benefit with outside activities by adding a pergola of your choice and style!

Check Out Our Virtual Tour of the Showroom

Do you like what you see in our showroom? Check out our video of the variety of landscaping products we have for you! It will show all every side of Artificial Grass Masters and what we provide!